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Through Chris's EyesThrough Chris's Eyes

India - Through Chris's Eyes

In spring of 2010 Chris and I flew to India for a six week adventures. I'd been before, and would be staying on after he went home - but this was Chris's first taste of travel. See how he got on by reading his travel journal below.

Monday, 22nd March - Dover, England
Tuesday, 23rd March - Benaulim, Goa
Wednesday, 24th March - Benaulim, Goa
Thursday, 25th March - Benaulim, Goa
Friday, 26th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Saturday, 27th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Sunday, 28th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Monday, 29th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Tuesday, 30th March - en route to Ooty
Wednesday, 31st March - Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Thursday 1st April

We found out the previous evening that the Hill Railway was actually running approximately half way down the mountain to Coonor, so we booked a 1st class ticket costing 102 Rupees. We had read the best views were to be seen from this carriage especially if you had a seat on the left side of the small train. Serena got one of these but my views were somewhat restricted.

We weren't allowed to book a return for some strange reason and were told to book in Coonor for the journey back up. This we tried but we couldn't do until 1 o'clock. A taxi driver spotted us and asked if we'd like a guided tour for 600 Rupees, eventually we agreed on 400.

He took us to a tea plantation, where we sampled and purchased some very tasty tea, and several viewing sites where views of the Nilgiri Mountains were wonderful. These included Lamb's Rock and Dolphins Nose, where a rather aggressive monkey looked like thwarting us getting to a viewing point, showing his rather large teeth and looking likely to steel some of our possessions.

We then visited a Tea Factory that looked as if it hadn't changed for about 60 - 70yrs and were shown how the green tea leaves were turned into tea, as we would see it. All in all the tour was enjoyable and not at all expensive

We arrived back at Coonor just after one and went to book our train back. Serena decided to go 2nd class for the return, much to the disgust of the man behind the counter who became rather irate and abusive. As it happened we both got a seat on the left side of the albeit slightly crowded carriage where I was able to take photo's and video's on the way back up the 19km journey, all for 3 Rupees each (about 5 pence Sterling).

Arriving back in Ooty we took the bus back to the Hotel and relaxed before later going to the lake and taking a trip around it in a somewhat waterlogged pedalo. We spent a short while at the small fun fair type attraction before taking dinner at the Darshan. This was akin to spending an evening at Fawlty Towers but having enjoyed the TV program I couldn't help but enjoy what was happening here, even if we were on the receiving end.

Friday, 2nd April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Saturday, 3rd April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Sunday, 4th April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Monday, 5th April - Kollam, Kerala
Tuesday, 6th April - Houseboat, Kerala
Wednesday, 7th April - Houseboat, Kerala
Thursday, 8th April - boat to Alleppey
Friday, 9th April - Kochi, Kerala
Saturday, 10th April - Kochi, Kerala
Sunday, 11th April - Kochi, Kerala
Monday, 12th April - 2625 Kerala Express
Tuesday, 13th April - 2625 Kerala Express
Wednesday, 14th April - Friday, 16th April - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Saturday, 16th April - Wednesday, 21st April - Ranthambore, Rajisthan
Thursday, 22nd April - Jaipur, Rajisthan
Friday, 23rd April - Jaipur, Rajisthan
Saturday, 24th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Sunday, 25th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Monday, 26th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Tuesday, 27th April - Delhi
Wednesday, 28th April - Delhi
Thursday, 29th April - Delhi
Friday, 30th April - back to England

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