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Through Chris's EyesThrough Chris's Eyes

India - Through Chris's Eyes

In spring of 2010 Chris and I flew to India for a six week adventures. I'd been before, and would be staying on after he went home - but this was Chris's first taste of travel. See how he got on by reading his travel journal below.

Monday, 22nd March - Dover, England
Tuesday, 23rd March - Benaulim, Goa
Wednesday, 24th March - Benaulim, Goa
Thursday, 25th March - Benaulim, Goa
Friday, 26th March - Hampi, Karnataka

Saturday 27th March

Serena and I had decided the previous evening that we should get up reasonably early to avoid the midday heat and catch sunrise on our way to the Vithalli Temple, roughly about 2km out of Hampi along the Tundrabunda River. In typical Chris style we didn't find the supposed easy route, but eventually we got there ok.

This is possibly one of the best Temples in the Hampi area. The Policeman/Guard offered us a 100 Rupee baksheesh (a type of bribe in reverse) before the Temple opened, as we were the first to arrive, to make the pillars ring by hitting them with your hands. This practice had been stopped a fair while ago to avoid any further damage to the Temple.

After the visit we walked back a little further and took breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the river shaded by Mango Trees, very nice as the temperature was starting to soar again. We then decided to go back to our room and relax whilst it was at it's hottest.

Later that day we caught sunset at the top of the hill above at the far end of Hampi Bazaar. It was now just about time for Dinner again and an early night.

Sunday, 28th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Monday, 29th March - Hampi, Karnataka
Tuesday, 30th March - en route to Ooty
Wednesday, 31st March - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Thursday, 1st April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Friday, 2nd April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Saturday, 3rd April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Sunday, 4th April - Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Monday, 5th April - Kollam, Kerala
Tuesday, 6th April - Houseboat, Kerala
Wednesday, 7th April - Houseboat, Kerala
Thursday, 8th April - boat to Alleppey
Friday, 9th April - Kochi, Kerala
Saturday, 10th April - Kochi, Kerala
Sunday, 11th April - Kochi, Kerala
Monday, 12th April - 2625 Kerala Express
Tuesday, 13th April - 2625 Kerala Express
Wednesday, 14th April - Friday, 16th April - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Saturday, 16th April - Wednesday, 21st April - Ranthambore, Rajisthan
Thursday, 22nd April - Jaipur, Rajisthan
Friday, 23rd April - Jaipur, Rajisthan
Saturday, 24th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Sunday, 25th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Monday, 26th April - Pushkar, Rajisthan
Tuesday, 27th April - Delhi
Wednesday, 28th April - Delhi
Thursday, 29th April - Delhi
Friday, 30th April - back to England

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