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Annoying the Spiders

2nd September 2006

Iíve been doing another new walk this week - well, itís more of a drive, really, delivering to some out-of-the-way streets, and even Dover Castle! I end up delivering to an estate up on the cliffs that has many Gurkha families living there. It was lovely walking around and seeing all the smiley faces, and sucking in the smells of curry - I felt like I was back in Asia.

It's been quite a revelation, being a postie; there are areas of Dover that I had no idea existed, some with great views of the town and out to sea. I've seen some really nice houses well as less desirable residences. I'd certainly recommend the job to anyone thinking of buying a house - it's a great way to suss out the various areas.

The weather is definitely feeling less like summer and more like...well, autumn, at least. It's fully dark when I leave the house now. I'm still in my shorts (which I find hard to believe - after all, when I was travelling I'd complain of the cold if the temperature dipped below 25 degrees), but I wear a coat first thing. I have observed that this is a popular time of year for spiders, and I seem constantly to be blundering into their webs. I imagine them jumping up and down and shaking multiple fists at me as I walk away, wiping the sticky webs from my face.

My electronic problems have continued, unfortunately. The "new" laptop that I bought from Laptops Direct continued to crash after I reinstalled Windows, so I contacted Fujitsu Siemens, as advised. They told me that, far from being the brand-spanking new machine I had splashed out on, it had in fact already been returned as being faulty. Because of this, their warranty is no longer valid, so my only recourse is with Laptops Direct. I reported this to them a few days ago, and they told me that there are no more machines like mine available in the country, so a straight replacement is out of the question. You may have thought that they should replace the laptop with one of a similar spec; they'll be happy to do this, but it'll cost more, and I'll have to pay the extra. I think that's a huge cheek myself, seeing as they palmed me off with a faulty, second-hand laptop when I paid out for a new one. The matter is still ongoing, so I won't go into too much detail about their dismal customer service, and keep my fingers crossed that they do agree to a full refund before too long.

I can look forward to a lie-in tomorrow, as it's Sunday. I'll be taking it easy this weekend, unlike the last, when my sister and I travelled up to Liverpool to go to the Creamfields festival. We set off at seven on Saturday morning, arrived in Liverpool around four and made it inside the grounds an hour later. We met up with friends of ours from Anglesey that we hadn't seen for a long time. The music wasn't as pumping as we'd hoped..maybe we just kept being in the wrong tent at the wrong time, there were nine or so to choose from. Despite that, we were glad we went, and the eight hour journey home was a lot less painful than we'd expected.


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