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Rainy Day

24th August 2006

I awoke this morning to the sound of pounding rain groaning, as I left for work just before five. Fortunately the biggest downpours happened before eight, so by the time I got out and about it was mostly showers.

It's my third week on this walk - which everyone agrees is the easiest of the lot. I wasn't convinced, but after spending yesterday on a nightmare walk (all bar a handful of houses had steps - one had 39!), I'm now inclined to agree with them. One section of my delivery resembles an assault course, as I scramble over walls and fencing, to save having to walk down and up the steps fronting the houses. I've five bags of mail to deliver - six on a heavy day. The first bag is the heaviest, often weighing as much as the rest put together.

I'm still enjoying pounding the streets, though I've not got into enough of a routine to do anything very constructive after I finish; hopefully that will come.

In other news, my lovely laptop - my companion through thick and thin over my last year of travels - came to an untimely end. Actually it was just the power pin, but it seems that they no longer make them, so the only options are replacing the motherboard at a cost of over 1,000 or hoping one suitable for spares comes up on ebay. I decided to buy a new one, which I'm tapping away on now...though it may have to be replaced as it keeps crashing. Boo hiss.


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